Pre-Event Broker Network Annual Conference 2018

On the 18th and 19th of October Servca is proud to announce it will be attending the ‘Broker Network Conference 2018.


October 17, 2018

Servca will be attending Broker Network’s Annual Conference 2018
On the 18th and 19th of October Servca is proud to announce it will be attending the ‘Broker Network Conference 2018’, in the Harrogate Convention Centre located in Yorkshire as a Premier Member of the Broker Network family.As an independent Lloyd’s Broker, we must continue to educate and work with our regional partners in niche product lines that we specialise in, such as Medical Indemnity and Healthcare Risks. The ‘Broker Network Conference 2018’ is a spectacular and insightful business event, attended by hundreds of regional brokers throughout the UK, that will provide various networking opportunities, new found knowledge and inspiration during a technology revolution in the insurance industry.
What is happening at Broker Network’s big event?
This year the Broker Network conference is returning to their roots and is adding a classy touch to their conference. Not only will they be providing various workshops and seminars on topics such as “Looking beyond GDPR” and “How to sell cyber insurance”, but there will also be a networking drink reception in the spectacular Harrogate’s ‘Royal Hall’ to promote interaction between various regional brokers, as well as paying homage to the Broker Network’s origins.Afterwards there is an award ceremony celebrating the best in independent broking on the 18th October 2018. Some of the awards include “Independent Broker of the Year” and “Innovation of the Year”.Lastly a prestigious Gala Dinner said to be in “unforgettable Yorkshire style” to polish the evening off.While the Conference’s schedule is packed full of stylistic opportunities it is essential not to forget just how important an event such as this is today. The Broker Network Conference will allow individuals and brokerages within the Broker Network family to communicate, share hardships and experiences to both learn something and teach something. As a London based Lloyd’s Broker, we hope to be able to travel back to London full of new found knowledge from our regional broker partners that will help us develop into even stronger products and links with regional brokers seeking specialist medical indemnity and healthcare insurance placement services into the Lloyd’s market.Servca are very excited to take part in such a fresh and exciting event. We will share our experiences and pictures with you in our ‘post conference blog’

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