Distressed Risks & Cover Refused Elsewhere

If you are unable to source medical indemnity coverage at an affordable premium, you are unable to work. If you have been declined medical indemnity or regarded as a ‘Distressed Doctor’ by your defence union – we want to help you get back on track.

Has Your Cover Been Refused Elsewhere?

We are all human and we all make mistakes. We understand that this can cause a lot of stress that often extends to your family life and financial commitments you may have. As an independent Broker at Lloyd’s, we have a dedicated team who specialise in the placement of distressed medical professionals indemnity insurance.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of ‘distressed’ medical professionals each year and assisted in their rehabilitation. We are operated by doctors, for doctors – thus understand your unique and confidential requirements.

We're Here to Help if You...

Non standard risk insurance

The medical sector is innovative and evolving. The use of technology to drive the development of medical equipment and treatments means that for individuals and businesses, standard cover may not be appropriate or cover the ‘emerging risks’ that come with pioneering techniques.

Similarly, it could be that you work or operate across global geographical boundaries, meaning you are obligated to deal with differing legal and regulatory conditions. Whatever the case, Medicas can help find the cover that you need.

Distressed risk insurance for medical practitioners

In the UK alone, the regulatory and legal framework in which you operate as a medical professional are strict and ever changing. Coupled with a society that is increasingly litigious, claims made against medical professionals are on the rise.

It could be that you have been fined by a membership organization, have a pending or prior claim on your record. Circumstances such as these can sometimes mean being refused cover, or else finding cover difficult to obtain. Leveraging our strong working relationships with insurers and underwriters globally, we are able to place cover for individuals or businesses that were otherwise struggling to get protection in place.

Our Objectives in Helping You

What We Will Do For You

We are a specialist Lloyds of London syndicate broker. This means we have a range of partners who can offer a wide range of insurance solutions – and even design a new one if nothing appropriate exists. Specialists in the medical sector, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the risks faced by medical professionals and organizations.

You can rely on us for professional knowledge and advice as well as access to a host of ‘A’ rated, UK based insurance companies.

  • Medical Indemnity coverage (with flexible limits up to £50m)

  • Public Liability Coverage

  • Run-Off Cover/Extended reporting coverage*

  • Libel & slander cover

  • Reputational damage cover

  • Regulatory/Review board committee defences/representation (GMC)

  • Data Protection coverage

  • We carry out a comprehensive insurance review to ensure that we create the most competitive and comprehensive policies available.

  • Advice & Consultations

  • International coverage

  • Access to ServCare Union

  • Employment Defence

  • Full regulatory Defence

  • Regulatory guidance and support

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