There is always a certain degree of risk for a patient in surgery. When this does not go according to plan, patients are often likely to complain or claim against the surgeon for what they believe to be a poor result, the standard of care, negligence or follow-up to their surgery.

What does Medical Indemnity Insurance protect you against?

Medical Indemnity Insurance (often known as Medical Malpractice) protects you as a surgeon against complaints or claims that arise out of professional negligence, mis or delayed diagnosis, Errors & Omissions and breach of duty as a result of the surgery you have performed, or even the pre- or post-surgical phases leading up to or following the surgery.

Medicas’ specilaised products for surgeons are structured deliberately according to the type of surgeon being insured

At Medicas we recognise that different surgeons have different exposures to claims and complaints. We are able to structure indvidulaised policies for:

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